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Wholesale & Discounted Retail Pricing


Be the first to purchase your copies of All The Preacher’s Wives for resale today.  We are excited about the release of this amazing anthology.  There are two ways to order your books for resale:  Discounted retail and wholesale.  

Discounted Retail:  Use this option when you require books immediately.  We will temporarily reduce the price of the retail cost via Amazon to the lowest amount allowable.  The advantage is that through Amazon Prime, shipping is free and paperback books will typically be shipped within 1 to 3 days.  The disadvantage is the discounted rate is slightly higher than the wholesale cost per book.

If you require expedited book orders, you may place your order here.  The order will be placed on the same day.  

Wholesale (Author’s Copies):  Author’s copies can be ordered at a much lower wholesale rate.  The disadvantages are books may require up to 2 weeks to ship, and shipping costs will be applied.  Amazon Prime does not apply to wholesale orders.  Shipping costs will fluctuate based on the number of books ordered.

RATE ADJUSTMENT:  The rate quoted for discounted retail and wholesale is the approximate cost per book.  Once the final manuscript has been uploaded to Amazon, rates will be adjusted accordingly. 

IMPORTANT PRICE CHANGE INFORMATION:  The price of the book increased due to the increased number of actual pages.  Original pricing was based on the book having a projected number of 200 pages.  The actual number of pages in the book is almost 282, which has naturally raised the number of printed pages and the cost of the book.

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