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All The Preachers Wives

20 women provide a peak behind the curtain of being a preacher’s wife.  This is an anthology that is as revealing as it is a ministry.  Get ready for Tonisha Fanchon’s presentation of “All The Preacher’s Wives.”

Tonisha Fanchon

About The Book

All The Preacher’s Wives is an anthology featuring the real-life stories of 20 amazing women of God and their lives as the wives of preachers.  The book illustrates an image of some of how lonely and exciting a life can be as a  pastor’s wife.  The challenge is many can only see these women as the beautifully styled, often soft-spoken, and respectful first ladies.  But All The Preacher’s Wives demonstrates how these women of God face the same issues that all marriages face.

The book is also a personal guide and ministry for women (and men)  who consider joining this very unique sisterhood.  There has not been a book or major movement like this since Lois Evans (the wife of Tony Evans).  But All The Preacher’s Wives provides a glimpse in how things really are within the areas of marriage, the congregation, family life, and money.  Get ready for Tonisha Fanchon’s presentation of “All The Preacher’s Wives.”

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Group of Women 3
"This is much needed within the pastoral wife community and for women who may be about to get married or take over a ministry."
Coach Krystal henry
Dallas, Texas
"People have no idea how it is to be a pastor's wife. I know I didn't prior to becoming one. This is a position that looks great but can be lonely."
Melanie johnson
Laurel, mississippi

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All The Preacher's Wives


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Get your copy of All The Preacher’s Wife to answer those questions that you have always wanted to know but never had the courage to ask.


The Secret Life Of A Pastor's Wife

Take a peak behind the curtain of the life of a pastor’s wife.  The wives provide you a glance of their lives from a very profound perspective.

"Just because you can't see the air doesn't keep you from breathing. And just because you can't see God doesn't keep you from beliving."

Justin pierre edmund

All the preacher's wives

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