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About Krystal Henry

Volume 8 of All The Preacher’s Wives

Krystal Henry overcame years of oppression, suppression, and micro-aggressions under the glass ceilings of Corporate America and broke her silence after being muzzled in ministry. Her momentum began to propel after she took the plunge and invested in a coach to improve her destiny. A vortex of abundance released a new mindset, magazines, billboards, blogs, and book opportunities, which led her to become a seven-time Amazon Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, Media Host of the Krystal Henry Show, Speaker, Visibility Coach, Anthologist, and creator of “Made To Lead Millions” a multi-dimensional coaching hub offering solutions and strategies from her leadership book. Purpose became more “Krystal” clear as she helped transform executives, entrepreneurs, millionaires, ministerial leaders and certify coaches “from their What if,” to their “What is!” Prepare for transformation as you read “Made to Lead Millions,” “Made to Lead Millions Mandate,” “Let the Kingdomprenuer Speak,” “The Elements of You,” and “All the Preachers Wives.”

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