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VOLUME 3 – DR. VELMA BAGBY (Single Volume e-Book)


ALL THE PREACHER’S WIVES – Volume 3 – Dr. Velma Bagby (single ebook)

This is my contributing story in the All The Preacher’s Wives Anthology. My story covers several unfortunate events I witnessed in the lives of other preacher’s wives, which provided me with insight. I purposed in my heart not to make the same mistakes I saw. We were fortunate to plant a church 38 years into our marriage because, through the experience, I can now offer wisdom to others moving into this role. Therefore, I focused my story on operating as a team—keeping the marriage mandate.

Here is a peek inside:

“Even though a board manages the operations of the church as an entity, a husband and wife must function as a team or as its board. “A threefold cord cannot be broken.” There’s no “I” in the team. Neither are there more than two of you making those decisions. God made it clear to the very first couple to cleave only unto each other. Do not confuse your assignment in the ministry with your mandate in your marriage.

We left ministries because of the disparities and unfairness we saw from broken leadership examples. The story of Judas on the team with Jesus is our reminder that the enemy of your soul is lurking to see how and when he can tear down God’s purpose for you. Guard and protect each other from the true enemy. My husband and I remind each other regularly, we are not enemies of each other. It is not flesh and blood. Although we would like to put a face to problems, the Bible tells us otherwise. Prioritize your assignment, but do not neglect your marriage and family.”

The authors of this anthology are each celebrated for their courage and honesty. The fact is there were others who were approached for this anthology that may have been uncomfortable or unable to speak as freely as the 20 wonderful women of this book at the time. Collectively and individually, the women of All The Preacher’s Wives hope that their words bring encouragement and hope to you.

For those women contributors who are currently married to men in ministry, understand that each discussed this project with their husbands respectively. Accordingly, each husband endorsed and embraced this opportunity for their wives to share their truth. This book is not independently written by those women but with the loving support of their husbands.
The thought of this book came to Author N. D. “Indy” Brennan during a conversation with fellow author and anthology contributor Melanie M. Johnson. At the time, neither realized the effect this book would have on the world. It was Coach Krystal Henry during a subsequent conversation who first mentioned the anthology was much more than a book. It was the birth of a ministry and sisterhood. Since these earlier conversations, each contributor to the book has expressed similar sentiments. Thank you for allowing God to use you and to initiate a sisterhood that shall have a lifelong positive and spiritually uplifting effect.


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