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About Liza Hines

Mrs. Liza Hines is a wife, mom, author, fashion designer, and event planner to name a few titles. Though fashion is her first love, writing and creating are a close second. Liza is an educator by day and creative by night. She is the author of “Girls Like You” which promotes self-affirmation for young girls and preteens. Liza owns the fashion line Elsie Jay which has an elite clientele whom she designs clothing for. In addition to fashion design, she is finishing up her next children’s book, and she also keeps busy planning events. Dear to her heart is the ability to serve alongside her husband, Richard Hines in ministry at Christian Faith Fellowship Church where the two met as preteens. They’ve been married for 20 years and are parents to twins Rai and RJ.

Liza currently works as an administrative assistant and food nutrition coordinator for Darrell Lynn Hines Academy this school year but has 9 years in the classroom with grades 2, K5, and 5th grade.


If you know Liza you know that she loves to sing, has outreach opportunities, and she eats popcorn every day! If you’re ever with her for any length of time her bubbly personality will win you over. It must be all the serotonin released when she’s munching on that popcorn. She is proof that smiling is contagious. Though Liza’s organizational skills and eye for the details is what she prides herself on she is an entrepreneur at heart. She is one smart cookie though knowing while you’re planning on those dreams you can still do things that allow you to sharpen your gifts in preparation for what’s to come.  

Having been featured in Fashion Revolution and Women Rock fashion community several years in a row, receiving the Strong Businesswoman award in Milwaukee, and producing her own online magazine…any and everyone knows that when you have Liza on your team you’re getting quality, professional, love, and individuality added into whatever she does because she cares for people, stands behind her brand with integrity.  Using writing as an outlet allows her voice to be heard and her perspective to be shared in hopes of inspiring others.


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