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About Melanie M. Johnson

I, Melanie Johnson, am a Mississippi native. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. I’ve served as an Educator for 17 years and a public-school Finance Director for 4 years. 

After my 23-year marriage ended in divorce, as a domestic abuse survivor, I began to look within myself to find purpose for my life. I vowed to be a voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. This became the premise for my first book, Womanly Wisdom. In my subsequent publications, I continued to use my voice as a platform to help others. Now with my company, Busta Word Publishing, LLC, I am able to help others be able to heal through their own expressions.

As a survivor, I take every opportunity to speak against domestic violence, bullying, depression, and suicide. In my first book, Womanly Wisdom, I share the psychological and emotional struggle of battling through domestic abuse and negative self-talk. I now use my writing and poetry to bring awareness to important issues.



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